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Episode 16 Shadow of Your Grace

September 4, 2011

If no audio click here

Words and Music–Richard Allen
Produced by David Barratt at the Abattoir of Good Taste

Vocal and Guitar–William Thaumatrope
Ukulele and everything else–David Barratt.


Another love song!


Who are you my lady, my dear?
How do you sleep at night?
What kind of things do you fear
When you turn out the light?

What are the books that you read?
What is that perfume you wear?
What kind of life do you lead
When you let down your hair?

What kind of things make you cry?
Tell me, can you suffer the fool?
When are the moments that you lie?
And have you never been cruel?


But I know everything there is to know about you girl
My questions melt away in your embrace
And when I hold your hand I‘m in a place of silence
Standing in the shadow of your grace


From → Thaumatropemusic

  1. Seung-hoon permalink

    Good to hear your sound again! – from AD

  2. Lisa B. permalink

    I think this song is my favorite so far. You should check out Cinerama (, they have a similar sixties-pop-inflected style.

    Best Wishes,


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