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Episode 26 If I reached out in my Dreams

January 23, 2012

If no audio click here

Words and Music–Richard Allen
Produced by David Barratt at the Abattoir of Good Taste

Vocal and Guitar–William Thaumatrope
Ukulele and everything else–David Barratt


If I reached out in my dreams would you touch my hand?
If I talked to you when asleep would you understand?
To think of your bright eyes looking at me
If I fell asleep and dreamed would it come to be?

I carry pictures of you with me in my mind
Your voice echoes through my ears ever sweet and kind
To see you standing there when I turn around
To feel your breath over me when I go to ground

If this is life when you’re gone far away from here?
How would it be when you are forever near?
I shall bathe in the smile of your beautiful eyes
And I shall lie with you where the earth meets sky
And I shall lie with you where the earth meets sky
And I shall lie with you where the earth meets sky


From → Thaumatropemusic

  1. Geoff permalink

    See my comment on number 25 – also applies more or less to this one too. there has been development in your work over the 12 months, don’t you think? More poetic? less rock more folk? The one does not exclude the other of course.

    • Hi Geoff
      Well it depends how you look at it–the development thing. I mean, I wrote Pretending and What is it for? years ago. On the other hand a number of songs in up-tempo rock style like Doing a Life, Jenny’s Love, Gimme all Your love are relatively recent. However this one–my Disney tune–is pretty new. I didn’t think it was really Thaumatrope at all when I wrote it but my producer persuaded me that it would make a good finale.

  2. Lisa B. permalink

    I won’t be able to make it to the benefit in March, but I’m hoping for an encore performance at SCMS or SCSMI. Here’s a bit of musical inspiration for the next album.



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